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A Hird was a Viking Age retinue of armed companions. Our modern Hird is a global organisation that draws inspiration from the ancient Hird, focusing on reconstructing Viking Age combat and life through comradery, enthusiasm and fun. 




• Mutual respect for our fellow man, regardless of race, culture, gender, sexual orientation or religious preferences. 

• The Hird is a global society of camaraderie that stands strong and united.

• The Hird is dedicated to recreating a modern day version of the ancient organization. 



The Hird offers local leadership and independence to all members, at the same time as it offers a fellowship that stretches across the world. Historical features and traditions are mixed with modern elements to add flavor, unity and trackable progress. 

Each local club is operated by a Hersir. A region may also have a Jarl to lead it. You can read more about the Jarls of the Hird here: Jarls



The Hird uses ancient traditions from the Viking Age that offer a connection to the past. They have value and worth, creating unity, a sense of uniqueness and an understanding for one and other. 



We use a standardized approach to learning and teaching historical combat, rather than just randomly banging on shields. Developed by Hird members competing in historical combat on a World championship level, the system carefully evaluates progess and offers a safe and fun learning environment. 


The Hird as a concept and as a passion has existed for nearly 30 years. We got involved with our Viking Age heritage here in Sweden in the early 1990s, which is when we began working as craftsmen. The passion for recreating combat has co-existed with our merchantile path ever since. However, it wasn't until 2018 that we began planning for a global organization dedicated to recreating Viking Age combat. A huge undertaking, the Worldwide Hird was finally launched in 2020 with the organization, combat system and traditions in place.

The Hird is a separate entitity from Grimfrost the business venture. The Hird is a project of passion, whilst Grimfrost the business is a trader's adventure. Each represent an important path of the Viking Age - that of the Warrior and of the Merchant.

The global Hird is a community consisting of local, independent chapters who share an interest in the subject of recreating Viking Age combat. None of the local chapters pay any money or execute any services for Grimfrost the business venture.