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The Hird draws inspiration from the Viking Age Hird organization, meeting both modern requirements and historical expectations. Every new recruit can progress in skill, knowledge and rank. 

The organization uses ancient traditions from the Viking Age. They are not made up or invented. They are real and offer a connection to the past, having both value and worth. The Hird's traditions are not there to restrict or inhibit. As all traditions they are in place to create unity, a sense of uniqueness and an understanding for one and other. 


A Hird will recruite members where it is located - as simple as that. Anyone who is 18 years of age, meets the requirements and is considered suitable can apply for membership in the Hird. Gender, sexual orientation, race, culture, religion, or political views do not matter - unless they violate the Hird statutes and the membership agreement. 



  1. Check out the Chapters page.
  2. Find a Chapter located near you.
  3. Send them an email asking if they are recruiting new members.
  4. You can also start a local chapter - info further down.

All aspiring members begin as Gestur (guests). The Gestur is to participate in four training sessions, after which he needs to decide if he wishes to apply for official membership in the Hird. The instructors need to see potential in the person during the four trial Training Sessions. The Hird is after all a fighting organization and the members need to approach it accordingly. The asipiring member needs to find the fighting part as fun as the Viking Age connection. Just being into Vikings isn't enough.

A Gestur who wants to become an official member must accept and sign the Grimfrost Hird Member Agreement. It ensures a safe and including environment, as well as sets out regulations required in a global organization. The Member Agreement is provided to each aspiring member at the trial training session.



The Gestur must also review and accept the Hirdlog. The Hirdlog (Old Norse: Hirðrlög, translating to Hird Law) are the laws, regulations and statutes of the Grimfrost Hird. Being inspired by the Viking Age hird oath, they are in place to offer an ancient tradition that creates unity and uniqueness. The Hirdlog is presented to the aspiring member at the trial training session.

They Hirdlog is based on the ancient Viking Age approach on life, where a man’s honor and standing were his most important assets. It reflects the mindset of the Vikings and gives a glimpse into how they managed to raid, trade, explore and settle huge parts of the ancient world. Honor and courage were key factors, but they also needed to be open-minded, curious and understand the way of the world outside of Scandinavia.



The Hird is a fighting organization, just as the historical Viking Age Hird.

A  Viking Age community may have had warriors belonging to a Hird, whilst the rest were farmers, craftsmen, children etc. That represents the situation with our modern Hird as well.

Many Hird Members will originate from existing Viking groups that each represent the diversity seen in a Viking Age community. Hird Members can continue being part of their Viking group - as representatives of the Grimfrost Hird. 


Local, independent chapters with their own leadership are called Hafn (Old Norse: Harbor). Each Hafn is run by a commander with its own deputies, officers and warriors.
  • In order to become an Aspiring Hafn, it needs to have a minimum of three members: The founding person, his right hand man and an additional officer. The three are necerssary to ensure that the required resources are available. 
  • Each Aspiring Hafn is on trial so that it can be ensured that the persons operating it live up to the expectations in a representative way. When the Aspiring Hafn is deemed suitable, it becomes a full-fledged Hafn of the Hird.
  • Only one Hafn can operate per town or equivalent. In densely populated cities with millions of inhabitants you could see several Hafns. In scarcely populated rural areas you might see one Hafn claiming a larger territory.
  • Hird Hafns are not meant to be a marketing or PR tool for a business venture, some other organization or association. Combning resources, such as facilities etc. is ok. However, joining in an attempt to earn money is not.
  • Grimfrost does not charge any fees for becoming a Hird Hafn. The only requirements are nonmonetary and listed in the member agreement, the Hirdlog and this website.
  • If you wish to proceed with starting a local Hafn, send an enquiry to hird(at) with information about yourself and the other two persons.