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This website and the shop section is owned and operated by Grimfrost Production AB (Grimfrost the Company). All purchases made through the Grimfrost Hird webshop are operated by Grimfrost the Company.

Grimfrost Hird is not a legal entity. It carries only a symbolic value as a community of people sharing the interest for Viking Age combat. Grimfrost the Company will not be liable for any consequences, economical or physical, suffered due to association or participation in the Grimfrost Hird.

  1. Grimfrost Hird is a community consisting of local, independent chapters who share an interest in the subject of recreating Viking Age combat.
  2. The independent, local chapters have no legal obligations or ties to Grimfrost the Company.
  3. None of the local chapters pay any money or execute any services for Grimfrost the Company.
  4. Grimfrost the Company has no obligations or ties to any of the local chapters and does not pay any money or execute any services for them.
  5. Grimfrost the Company is not responsible for the actions of the local chapters.
  6. The local chapters are independent associations. They are not employees, agents, partners or franchisees of, or joint venture of Grimfrost the Company.  Thy are not representatives of Grimfrost the Company and can not enter agreements on behalf of Grimfrost the Company.
  7. Each local division is a separate, independent entity that is responsible for their own insurances, membership dues, finances and recruiting, as well as all legal and ethical matters associated with operating an association or community.
  8. The Grimfrost Hird organization is a fellowship open for all people, regardless of religion, race, gender, or sexual orientation. All local, independent chapters are expected to base their approval of applications on the suitability of practicing martial arts.
  9. The videos and material held within this website and YouTube Channel are for personal use only. Any video that is embedded or linked from this page must be linked back to our original site or to our specific YouTube Channel. It is strictly prohibited for our videos or material to be downloaded and then re-uploaded elsewhere.
  10. Combat training and martial arts, like any sports, involve a potential risk for serious injury. The techniques used in our videos are being demonstrated by martial art professionals. Anyone, who attempts to try these techniques, under supervision or not, assumes all risks. Neither Grimfrost the Company nor Grimfrost Hird shall be held liable to anyone for their use of any of the videos or material from this page, or originating from Grimfrost Hird.
  11. Grimfrost Hird and Grimfrost the Company disclaims any responsibility if you, the simulated attacker or any other participant gets injured in any way, while practicing the techniques shared by Grimfrost Hird.