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There may be one Jarl per Hird Region. He is the highest-ranking leader and commander in that region, and in charge of appointing new Hersirs. The Jarl operates a local Hird Hafn with his own officers and warriors. He is the Commanding Battle Officer and takes the role of a high commander if several local Hirds join forces. 

The Jarl position comes with a lot of expectations and responsibilities in comparsion to a Hersir. The requirements include among other things:

  1. Be a good representative for the Hird and a role-model for members.
  2. Have a solid organization with experienced members.
  3. Have a growth plan. He should operate one of the biggest Hafns in the region.
  4. Always be open for new members and have the resources to take care of them and train them.
  5. Have representative facilities to host training sessions all year around. This could involve renting a school gym or something else.
  6. Have representative facilities to host workshops and Ting meetings.
  7. Have the experience and know-how to support other Hafns in the region when it comes to historical combat experience, handling the local organization (paperwork, insurances, rules and regulations), and other matters that regional Hersirs may need help with.
  8. Have the resources and representative facilities to host an annual Alting with a training camp for a very large number of people. That can involve looking into catering options, lodging alternatives, etc.
  9. Have a genuine interest in Viking Age history and the know-how to portray it accordingly.
  10. Have the willingness and knowledge needed to support other Hafns in the region when it comes to how historical accuracy in clothes, gear etc.

Jarl applications are evaluated with great care and detail to ensure that the right persons are chosen to take on the position. 

  • Each Jarl/Hersis position is on trial so that it can be ensured that the person lives up to the expectations in a representative way. 
  • The Mjothutr can degrade a Jarl to a Hersir if he is unable to meet the requirements, or if he does not represent his position in a professional enough way. They may also completely remove the titles of Jarl or Hersir. Such extreme measures are only taken if the person is responsible for grave misconduct.

The appointed Jarls are:

  • Jarl Sigurdr orrahand of Svitjod (Sweden)
  • Visit: Hafn Vargarda
    • Jarl Alrikr skeggi of Markland (East Canada)
    • Visit: Hafn Gatineau