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Local, independent chapters with their own leadership are called Hafn (Old Norse: Harbor). Each Hafn is run by a commander with its own deputies, officers and warriors.
  • In order to become an official Grimfrost Hird Hafn, it needs to have a minimum of three members: The founding person, his right hand man and an additional officer. The three are necerssary to ensure that the required resources are available. All, except for the right hand man, need to have experience from Viking Age or medieval combat with steel weapons.
  • Each Hafn is on trial so that it can be ensured that the persons operating it live up to the expectations in a representative way. 
  • Only one Hafn can operate per town or equivalent. In densely populated cities with millions of inhabitants you could see several Hafns. In scarcely populated rural areas you might see one Hafn claiming a larger territory.